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Acai Bowls

The Acai berry was discovered by the indigenous people of South America many years ago and heavily utilized in their diet. Most recently, Acai was categorized as a "super food" on the food charts for its nutritional value to the human body. Acai aids in Heart Health, Lowering Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Skin Health, Digestion, Energy Boost,  Immune Booster and more! We at Calizumos offer 4 different bowls that contain Acai and many other nutritional ingredients such as oats, berries, and nuts to offer a complete meal. 


At Calizumos we believe that your juice should be filled with the most vitamins, minerals, and nutrients possible with a delicious taste. All our juices contain 90% vegetables and 10% fruit. Apple, Orange, and Lemon are the only fruits we use to add natural sugar or a hint of zing to your juice! 

How it works...

We receive fresh vegetables and fruits daily that are farmed locally outside of Barcelona or imported top quality. We then wash and prep the produce until our clients come in and place an order. We believe that "Fresh" means to order, so we don't make a juice or bowl until there is one. This allows for our customers to obtain the highest quality products and to allow their bodies to absorb the all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients recommend on a daily basis.