me & you

At Calizumos we believe that living the healthy lifestyle is within the reach of all with the right kind of help, support and knowledge.  We offer the following services to our clients who are looking to live and eat well.  


Nutrition Coaching 

Nutrition coaching is all about you and the journey to reaching your goals.  This will include multiple one on one discussions regarding your current health status and your health goals.

We will work together to create/adjust your personal life style that will include nutrition tips/suggestions, fitness tips + goals; both of which will help you reach and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Cooking classes

Our founder Jonnathan D Courtney is a professional chef, nutritionist and professional trainer who has worked in kitchens across the globe. Whether you are a complete novice or looking to broaden your cooking experience, Chef Jonnathan can help you achieve your goals in the kitchen. Classes can be offered one to one and to groups and can be completely personalised to focus on your tastes, cooking style and dietary goals. Cooking and eating healthy does not have to be boring. Let Chef Jonnathan show you how to transform your cooking skills to wow friends and family and allow you to eat delicious healthy food every day.


Diet Plans

Experts have long endorsed the 80/20 rule in reaching our fitness goals. 80% of the work is done in the kitchen and 20% in the training we do! Diet planning is a structured meal plan personalized to meet the fitness and nutritional goals of each individual. We will work together to set goals, talk about food preferences and set the journey to success. Each diet plan will be reviewed on a weekly/monthly basis to ensure that progress is being made and that the end goal is in reach. Diet plans will focus on healthy, nutritious, natural food choices and limiting the use of supplements where possible. All plans will be unique to each individual to fit their lifestyle, fitness goals and culinary preferences.


Meal Prep Service

Meals are prepared according to the meal plans provided.  The meals will be pre-cooked and delivered twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays. 

All meals prepared are safe for storage and to be heated up when needed.  This service is ideal for those busy professionals wanting to live the healthy life style with little time to do so. Our meals are healthy, tasty and nutritious and offer a wide variety of tastes to ensure eating healthy never gets boring.