Welcome to the Modernist Palace


Barcelona has a lot of gems hidden behind stone walls, many of them protected by the government. Old houses, which have a long story to tell, but the best part is what is hidden behind these thick walls. Modernist apartments, most of them originally being built for the cotton trade owners in Catalunya. Many of them have been divided into smaller apartments, as they are normally the size of about 300 sqm.

So what better place for Platinum Catering by Calizumos to offer our luxurious services, as in one of those homes filled with art, with love to detail and gold plated high ceilings? This is the perfect home to enjoy a business breakfast, ideal for having lunch, or why not host a private dinner, underneath an original tapestry from Francisco de Goya?

Can you imagine then enjoying the most delicious food looking up to a ceiling, hand painted al fresco, surrounded by old engravings from Rembrandt and Goya? This luxurious apartment features 285 sqm, with ceilings as high as 4.20m. Everything has been restored with love to the maximum detail, all the crown mouldings, the hardwood floor, and the walls. Everything blends together just perfect with designer furniture, with the formal dining room offering 2 informal spaces to have drinks before dinner, or would you prefer listening to some classic piano music afterwards? The home offers a 120 year old piano, fully restored to its core, the perfect instrument to create an atmosphere you would hardly ever be able to experience in Barcelona.

Located at the very center, within walking distance from all the shops, this beautiful gem opens its doors to the most distinguished customers, used to expediencies you will never forget. The chefs kitchen offers everything you need to have in order to provide a full service also there is a small attic hidden on the upper floor, a room designed with love to children and their fantasies. Dive into the experience of living with Mary Poppins for a few moments, have a chilled glass of

Champaign and live again moments of innocent childhood. This elegant home has been featured in the most prestigious magazines worldwide, and Calizumos is proud to have it on the list of places to enjoy unusual dinners. Natural light is flooding in from every room, the mix of classic and modern designer furniture leads you into a world of elegance, where you experience the delicious food we offer with all of your 5 senses. Nothing is impossible for us, we create perfect experience within these walls, full of history and restored beauty, the essence of Mediterranean living. This home is the perfect setting filled with ancient and modern art, ideal to appreciate our innovative cuisine.