About Us


Calizumos is a start-up company, based in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, that strives to promote healthy living with a range of fresh and nutritious products. With our raw pressed vegetable fruit juices and Acai Bowls, you are sure to start your day with the right amount of Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients that will provide you sufficient energy throughout your day.  

Is it really fresh?

At Calizumos we believe that fresh raw pressed vegetable fruit juices is what a balanced lifestyle is all about.  What does this mean?  When placing your order we make our juices from scratch with fresh daily produce.  Quick, easy and most importantly tasty. 

For those “Bowl lovers” Calizumos provides an assortment of exotic nutritious bowls to satisfy that on the go hunger.  Our Bowls are the art of combining simple yet healthy ingredients creating a balanced source of nutrients. Our key ingredient, "Acai" comes from the forests of Brazil and is considered  worldwide to be a superfood due to its nutritional value to the human body. At Calizumos we aim and work towards the common wellbeing of our community and nourishment of our future.