The Calizumo Cleanse program

Calizumos has a set of 3 different types of cleansing programs. 3, 5, and 7 day cleanse. 

The concept: 

Each and every one of us has Energy (Aura). When you do a “Cleanse” you are allowing your body to focus its energy on healing itself rather than working on breaking down the food, “dense matter” allowing you obtain the energy to support your everyday activities. By substituting your 3 daily meals with a 500ml cold press juice filled with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you are creating the space for your body to quickly absorb all the nutrients it needs, then start the cleansing process of the entire body from your head to toes. The goal is to rid your body from the free radicals that are produced by the food and liquids we put into it and kick start the metabolism so that it runs back to normal.  

Contact Jonnathan at for more information to get started on your journey!

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